Marketing in the Construction Industry: How to Successfully Market in a Competitive Industry
Marketing in the construction industry can be difficult. With a proper team that understands your goals, it gets much easier.

Marketing in the Construction Industry: How to Successfully Market in a Competitive Industry

Marketing in the Construction Companies construction industry

Marketing in the construction industry has always been a bit of a challenge. Most marketing agencies focus on business to consumer (B2C) companies. Construction companies are often unconvinced of the benefits a strong marketing presence offers. Agencies try to resolve this by promising rankings or traffic increases. Not only does this raise their client’s expectations, but it also fails to address their clients mission. Further, many agencies pitching to companies in the construction industry are small teams of similarly minded people. Marketing is a highly divergent, highly diversified set of skills that is best executed by a team of people that think differently.

So, how can construction companies effectively market in the construction industry? We have a few tips to help clients achieve their goals. Ultimately our clients see results where it counts: Sales.

Effective marketing starts with effective strategy

The first thing to keep in mind is even with all of the execution in the world you won’t reach a goal that isn’t set. In other words, without a strategy with set goals, how can you evaluate your marketing team’s performance? You can’t. 

Marketing strategy is absolutely vital. Key indicators must be compared to the long term vision. Lets take a look a a recent report we ran for a client. We are tracking 350 keywords for this client. This month we gained 50 keywords and lost 40, with 100 keywords slipping from positions 50-100 to under 100. This looks bad on paper. However, the words that were lost were already low performing, didn’t generate traffic, and were largely outside our client’s main operating area. Not only were the lost words low performers, the keywords we gained were relevant and many moved from the third and fourth page of Google to the first. 

Now, we believe search engine ranking isn’t the only metric that matters. Ultimately, the data is complex and difficult to interpret, as seen above. The increase in rank correlated to sales increases. Yet another reason to celebrate. We see our traffic to pages  increase, a positive indicator. In our monthly strategy meeting we learned that call volume has increased from the respective areas our client had better rankings.

In the end, this shows that our strategy, in spite of appearing to only perform okay in our on-paper rankings, has actually performed well in meeting our clients goals of generating more sales interest.

Marketing in the construction industry | It takes a village

Cross discipline teams are absolutely necessary.

Our process takes our clients from strategy creation through content deployment and SEO optimization. The disciplines involved use different parts of the brain. marketing in the construction industry - pool contractor It takes a different personality to sift through technical code and look for ways to optimize and compress images than it does to write an engaging article or take a creative photo that generates attention.

For this reason our teams consist of at least four members that have specific core competencies. This is one of the most prominent reasons that construction companies fail to meet their marketing goals. They under-hire for the job. I don’t mean to say that a marketing director can’t do it all. However, in today’s digital world, your team will be best served by an agency with a multidisciplinary team at an agency until your company can afford a full marketing team.

Passion for marketing leads to results.

Finding passion for so many different skills is unlikely, even if you hire a skilled marketing director.  Truly understanding strategy, keyword planning, SEO and Web optimization, blog writing, social media, photography and video takes a team. With a team, each member is passionate and knowledgeable about their skill set. This leads to consistent performance. Marketing in the construction industry is always better with a team.

How we approach marketing differently

All about the goals

Our agency has found that setting goals drives the best results. Focusing on the data from the perspective of realistic goals has allowed us to focus on strengths instead of worrying about weaknesses. Our team also focuses on integrating with our client’s sales teams. When we give a sales team a landing page that answers a common question we find it also drives traffic to our client’s website, increases customer education and understanding, allows for a consistent and professional pitch across all sales professionals at the company, and generates content for social media. All from one post. 

This concept is built into the mission of our company, to empower our clients and increase visibility, ultimately generating more sales and leading to an easier sales process. 

It is about the people and the product

Your company has your process down. You understand how to build. Our approach is to pair a writer that loves learning about technical details with your company and learn about your product. This allows our construction clients to market their companies and share their expertise with the world with minimal overhead and effort. Just like our clients’ construction companies our employees make us who we are. We spend the time to educate and learn, to build the people and learn the product. Ultimately this leads to knowledge that we get to deploy for our clients. 

Market your construction company

Whether you recently started a construction company or you are part of an established company looking to increase your brand visibility, we would love to help you. Our team has decades of experience in web design and writing, media and content creation, SEO and analytics, and construction.

We are passionate about delivering results to our clients and helping them increase sales and empower their teams. Our marketing helps clients generate sales, hire employees, inspire current employees, and shape their brand image. 

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