How do Construction Companies use Content Marketing?
Excellent marketing content can be written around media such as photos of construction sites like the one above.

How do Construction Companies use Content Marketing?

Content Marketing for Construction Companies

How Construction Companies Use Content Marketing

Whether you’re an established construction company looking to update branding or just starting out the right marketing plan can help your business connect with a larger audience. Marketing can help you stand out from the crowd. It can also help new customers find you. According to the US Census, home building is on the rise. This means it is more important than ever to set your company apart by creating relevant, cohesive content with branding that will encourage customers to choose your company for their construction needs. 

What is marketing?

Digital Marketing can essentially be broken down into a few main disciplines: media creation, content creation, content deployment, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analysis. While SEO is important for contractors, companies often get  caught up in increasing the rankings of their website. They neglect the importance of creating and deploying high quality marketing content that can draw in new customers and increase visibility for the long term. It’s important for companies to create a variety of content. This content should showcase their products while also encouraging dialogue and relationship with consumers. 

What is “Good marketing?”

Lets back up and look at the basics. To understand why marketing is important for construction companies, it is a good idea to first define “good marketing.”  Good marketing is more than just rankings and likes on social media. Good marketing focuses on content to convey a construction company’s marketing messages. This will naturally boost your company’s visibility to potential clients while also increasing rank and likes over time. Proper marketing strategy focuses on answering customer questions, adding value to society, and establishing your company as a “go to” resource in their industry. Good marketing strategy also creates a cohesive and clear representation of your business. Customers can figure out who you are, what your company does, and how they can do business with you based on the content your marketing plan creates.

Rather than focusing solely on optimizing SEO, good marketing relies on capturing various forms of media – still images, video, graphics, etc. – and synthesizing that media into content that is interesting and informative. This content engages audiences and drives traffic to pages. The longer traffic stays on a page, the more engaged the customer is. With proper content the reader stays because the content is interesting. This is a top indicator for search engines and results in higher rankings. 


Marketing’s benefits for Construction companies

How does construction content marketing benefit a company when done right

There is no perfect marketing strategy. What works for one company – their keywords, industry partners, and overall strategy – won’t necessarily apply to another. However the right marketing marketing strategy will help your company. Crafting a voice, a vision, and a vertical will help your company stand out from your competitors. Construction companies cater to a unique market: successful products last lifetimes, but the initial investment into that product can be costly.

Because of this it is vital that construction companies focus on creating a marketing content that will build their relationship and goodwill with their customers in order to maintain a long-term presence on the market. Content marketing in the construction industry is a great example of a piece of the marketing strategy that allows companies to establish long term visibility. Construction companies who underestimate the importance of technological changes and advancements risk losing current customers, and are unlikely to appeal to new ones. These same companies tend to ignore online trends, further isolating themselves from new customers.

Marketing Agencies are Prime Opportunities for Contractors

By working with a marketing team and utilizing a good marketing strategy, a construction company can optimize media gathered from photoshoots into a myriad of content that can then be deployed across multiple mediums. Re-purposing images and video into similar but optimized pieces of media will help your company create unity in its media. This helps brand your company. It also helps show continuity across platforms – making it easier for consumers to learn about your company and how they can do business with you.

Marketing teams also have the various disciplines. These disciplines are needed to ensure that the various pieces of the marketing strategies deployed effectively. Effective deployment across web and social media pages can increase a company’s goodwill. It also increases their trust in your business’ ability to do a quality job that is worth their investment.

Market your construction company

Have you recently started a construction company? Maybe you are part of an established company. If you are looking to increase your brand visibility, we would love to help you. Our team has decades of experience in numerous marketing disciplines. From web design and writing, media and content creation, SEO and analytics, and construction we have experience with it all.

We are passionate about delivering results to our clients. We love helping them increase sales and empower their teams. Our marketing helps clients generate sales, hire employees, inspire current employees, and shape their brand image. 

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