Drone Company Expands to Full Service Marketing for Construction

Drone Company Expands to Full Service Marketing for Construction

Professional Drone Solutions expands Marketing Services

For nearly half a decade, Professional Drone Solutions has been providing the construction industry with media solutions. With a strategic partnership with The Marketing Construct, Professional Drone Solutions is able to offer an expanded portfolio of construction marketing services ranging from media creation all the way to SEO analysis. 

CEO of Professional Drone Solutions, Andrew Kobza, will be leading the team at The Marketing Construct. With over ten years of marketing, web development, and branding experience, Kobza has launched over a dozen websites. He studied marketing in college, receiving a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Florida in 2014. He has worked in the construction industry since a young age, launching a drone company specifically focused on construction marketing and inspections.

The goal of the Marketing Construct is to serve construction clients with multi-discipline marketing services that increases client’s visibility and creates a cohesive image, allowing contractors to inspire confidence in their clients and sales prospects. The Marketing Construct offers two distinct products, full service marketing and website creation.

Website creation is focused on speedy, mobile friendly, dynamic websites that effectively tell our clients stories. 

Full service marketing is a package of six distinct services that allow construction companies to leverage digital marketing to their advantage. Historically, construction companies have struggled to effectively market their services. This is a very logical issue. Many skills that make construction managers great managers leave them confused by marketing. 

Construction is a very disciplined, black and white, data driven, logical industry. Marketing is fluid, creative, and risk oriented. You have to take risks to get results with marketing. Not only does the construction industry struggle to effectively market their services, marketing agencies traditionally cannot keep up with the technical aspect of construction marketing. “What is a post tension cable?” “Whats that red stuff by where the windows supposed to go?”

The reality is, the best way to get results in construction marketing is to have a team that works together and understands all aspects of the marketing mix and has some experience in construction. Combined with good investigative journalism and interview time with a project manager, effective market is made easy at The Marketing Construct. 

At launch, our full service marketing package includes strategy planning, media creation, content creation, content deployment, SEO analysis, and strategy review. This six pronged approach covers social media, blog posting, google rankings, website maintenance, and strategy. 

Our team looks forward to serving the construction industry with effective marketing services.

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