Our team is passionate about Construction Marketing

The team behind The Marketing Construct was brought together with the purpose of accelerating our partner’s growth through proven marketing methods. With team members covering over half a dozen marketing disciplines, we have the specialization needed to make a difference with your company.

Meet the owner.

The Marketing Construct was started by Andrew Kobza.  Andrew has been a long time student of marketing, graduating with a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Florida in 2014. He started the company as an internal branch of two other construction sector companies that he is a partner in running. He entered the construction industry at a very young age, first joining his father, a general contractor, on jobsites at the age of 3.

At 14 he started working in the field and when studying web design and entrepreneurship in high school, fell in love with marketing. After studying marketing for 10 years and launching over a dozen websites, Andrew opened The Marketing Construct to serve construction clients with quality marketing services. 

Andrew Kobza Construction Marketing

Why Construction Marketing?

Why do we only serve clients in the construction industry? We believe there is a serious shortage of people with the technical understanding of construction, the progressive freedom of design, and the discipline of content generation. Many companies try to solve all their marketing problems with a business development or marketing position.

Proper marketing takes both sides of the brain and about a half dozen people to really elevate the quality of marketing content. Because of the steep learning curve in the construction industry, many marketing agencies provide little expert experience to a construction company. Our mission is to elevate our partner’s perceived expertise in their field and help them generate leads and close sales through the power of online marketing.   

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